Friday, August 27, 2004

Why am I called bibleboy? Well, I know why I started being called that but I dont know why I am anymore. I really feel like God is leaving me..... He's just left me all alone.... Maybe its not true but its really starting to feel like that. 90% of all girls I ever dated left me alone in the same way.... the only friend I have left is Tanya.... and thats a blessing. Tiff is gone..... Kendra wont even tell me how shes doing... she asks me for help and then leaves..... Dunno where Amber went.... Julie is gone.... these are all girls that I dated and then later was a really good friend to for a while.... just recently tho they have all left me..... And I feel like God's leaving too......

.... Friends, I need prayer... this is my last cry for help. I am losing all hope... I am losing my hunger for God. I am losing everything... worst of all, I am losing my will to live. I am hanging on for now.... but I dont know where it goes from here. I'm scared. Will it end before I lose it all?

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