Sunday, August 29, 2004

VeriSign's antitrust suit against ICANN dismissed | CNET

Definately some serious issues going on here. Im glad to see that the court's actually did something. Unfortunately, VeriSign will not stop. Verisign truly is worse in my book than Microsoft. With Microsoft products you do have a choice. I can run another OS on my computers (such as I do on my laptop) and gain features and lose features. The unfortunate thing about VeriSign's service is that you have no choice. This is dangerous. They literally are creating havoc in internet technologies and the end user that would prefer to easily see if a domain is being used now has a difficult time since all domains will always appear. And "its easier for users" my butt.... VeriSign is doing one thing again that they have always done well.... cheating people to make money. There is a HUGE revenue stream inside this SiteFinder service. And the day that we would lose the services of ICANN is a very sad day, indeed. There may be very little control over the internet but ICANN is definately needed to control certain aspects of the way the internet works. They make is easy for companies to connect to other companies because there is a basis of how it is done. Without ICANN we may one day see an internet in the US that can communicate with 34 states and then another one that can communicate only with the rest. That's exagerating a bit, but paints a picture of what may happen.

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