Sunday, August 08, 2004

I do feel alot better right now. Tanya called and we talked a little bit. She said she still is a little uncomfortable seeing me right now but told me that I can always call her if I need to talk. Its funny when I think about it.... I think I care about Tanya more now as a friend than I did when we were going out. Maybe this is truly the way it was meant to be.... honestly time is going to tell... I am just really happy that she called and we talked.... plus I get to see Eli tomorrow!!!!!! I cant wait to see my little buddy! I'm sure things are going to turn out alright.... there are just somethings with other people that I need to get ironed out.... and I'm hoping that someday soon they will co-operate with me. God will take care of us all.... and I think that Tanya, Eli, me, Tanya's mom, my mom, my dad, lori, kari, etc..... I think that we will all be as close as we ever where..... I think that we all need each other in a way. I suppose I should now get ready for Pizza Hut. I'll probably post more soon.

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