Friday, August 06, 2004

Someone once said "it was no accident".... Maybe it really wasn't.

I am very messed up in the head... And single again.... But tanya and I broke up on different terms this time. Both of us had a lot of pain before this relationship.... Both of us really felt good when we were together... But I think we went too fast. We were equal in it according to me. Either way I need to be single right now and figure some stuff out. My head is just scary right now. I also think I hit the anger button too soon for tiff. I need to iron out what's in my head. This hurts so bad. I care so much about tanya.... I did not want to lose her but this had to happen. It sucks so bad but we'll both be ok. She said we will be good friends soon... I hope so. Gosh this all hurts. I nearly had a panic attack when I hung up with tanya but I must have had just enough xanax in me to stop it. Oh well I'm at the bedford rest stop with my food in front of me so I'm gonna eat and finish going home. Please keep me in your prayers.... As well as tanya and eli.

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