Friday, August 27, 2004

I know I'm crazy... but who is crazier? I'm looking forward to your comments.

(14:40:54) bobkmertzaux: Wanna join me in a mass suicide?
(14:41:20) Tiffs Wolf Dance: What will that solve
(14:41:20) bobkmertzaux: At least I'll be able to die with you I guess
(14:41:26) bobkmertzaux: and then we wont have to deal with anything
(14:41:44) Tiffs Wolf Dance: not dealing would be nice
(14:42:21) bobkmertzaux: see.. perfect solution
(14:42:29) bobkmertzaux: you dont have to deal
(14:42:31) bobkmertzaux: I dont have to deal
(14:42:38) bobkmertzaux: and at least the last thing I did I shared with you
(14:49:29) bobkmertzaux: I give up
(14:49:29) Tiffs Wolf Dance : Sometimes in life,you find a special friend:Someone who changes your life bybeing part of it.Someone who makes you laughuntil you can't stop;Someone who makes you believethat there is really good in this world.This is forever friendship.
(14:49:56) bobkmertzaux: There is no good in this world, btw
(14:49:59) bobkmertzaux: well
(14:50:01) bobkmertzaux: there is
(14:50:06) bobkmertzaux: God was with my cousin Jesse....
(14:50:11) bobkmertzaux: He doesnt like me tho for some reason

(14:51:59) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I know He has a plan and a place for you
(14:52:06) Tiffs Wolf Dance: It will come
(14:52:09) bobkmertzaux: bull
(14:52:11) bobkmertzaux: I get shit on
(14:52:14) bobkmertzaux: time after time
(14:52:17) bobkmertzaux: every good situation
(14:52:20) bobkmertzaux: every "right" move
(14:52:23) bobkmertzaux: I get screwed for
(14:53:12) bobkmertzaux: You know nothing anyway
(14:53:16) bobkmertzaux: why would I listen to you
(14:53:20) bobkmertzaux: you never know how you feel
(14:53:27) bobkmertzaux: you can never say this is that and that is this
(14:53:31) bobkmertzaux: is always grey area
(14:53:40) bobkmertzaux: it would be more like you to say "im not sure if He has a plan for you or not"
(14:53:53) bobkmertzaux: either that or you just hide behind I dont knows because you dont want to deal with something
(14:55:03) Tiffs Wolf Dance: Well I did say that so, I said it.
(14:55:38) bobkmertzaux: why did you even tell me that you saw us getting back together? WHY?
(14:55:42) bobkmertzaux: Why did yo HAVE to lie to me again
(14:56:11) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I wasn't talking now, or the next 3, 6 months. I was talking someday.
(14:56:27) bobkmertzaux: if thats the way you feel, why the hell are you with Jim now?
(14:56:49) bobkmertzaux: I wasnt talking now either
(14:56:53) bobkmertzaux: I need time to myself too
(14:57:02) bobkmertzaux: but when you told me you cant give up on jim
(14:57:12) bobkmertzaux: you lied about something... I just dont know what
(14:58:36) bobkmertzaux: now you tell me in a year you could see me and you together again?
(14:58:37) bobkmertzaux: wtf
(14:59:09) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I know I need to be where I am right now. I don't know why. I just do. I can at least get out of bed every morning now.
(14:59:19) bobkmertzaux: glad you can
(14:59:25) bobkmertzaux: you know
(14:59:28) bobkmertzaux: I wanna die so bad
(14:59:33) bobkmertzaux: maybe ill just let you pull the trigger
(14:59:40) bobkmertzaux: youd enjoy that
(14:59:43) bobkmertzaux: and id get what I need
(15:00:38) bobkmertzaux: if you can get out of bed because of where you are now than QUIT WHINING ABOUT IT
(15:00:45) bobkmertzaux: You did what you wanted.... you are where you wanted to be
(15:00:53) bobkmertzaux: You lead your own life
(15:01:01) bobkmertzaux: and you choose who you want to screw over and who you dont
(15:01:14) bobkmertzaux: If you are truly happy, then why even think about being with me?
(15:01:29) bobkmertzaux: You cant answer that because you contradict yourself in everything you say
(15:02:22) Tiffs Wolf Dance: i think about spanish class and sharing everything witha person. I true friend like I have never seen before.
(15:02:53) bobkmertzaux: yet you still lie to him and treat him like dirt?
(15:02:54) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I miss all of that. A strong bond with someone
(15:04:30) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I said I want your friendship. You can't. So what else is there to do.
(15:05:43) bobkmertzaux: That didnt answer the question
(15:06:04) bobkmertzaux: If you want me as a friend, why do you lie to me?
(15:06:17) Tiffs Wolf Dance: about what
(15:06:26) bobkmertzaux: ive said enough times
(15:07:02) bobkmertzaux: I want to be in your life and you to be in mine... but I cant do it without a commitment.....
(15:07:10) bobkmertzaux: youve hurt me so bad before
(15:07:25) bobkmertzaux: I at least need a commitment now so at least it'll be a little bit harder for you to crush me again
(15:08:25) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I can commit myslef as a friend. But nothing more.
(15:08:33) bobkmertzaux: Why not more?
(15:09:57) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I stopped caring for Jim the way I did before. But he picked me off the floor. I needed someone this once. And that meant a lot.
(15:10:14) bobkmertzaux: LMAO
(15:10:25) bobkmertzaux: so lead him on too
(15:10:29) bobkmertzaux: wow.... you are messed up
(15:10:37) bobkmertzaux: you go right ahead on with your happy little life
(15:10:40) bobkmertzaux: keep your mom happy
(15:10:45) Tiffs Wolf Dance: Not what I'm saying
(15:10:47) bobkmertzaux: and while your at it... grow up to be just like her
(15:10:51) bobkmertzaux: your well on your way!
(15:11:44) Tiffs Wolf Dance: He helped me when I needed it most. We both moved on. But we're growing close together again.
(15:12:13) bobkmertzaux: Is he your boyfriend?
(15:12:35) Tiffs Wolf Dance: Yes he is.
(15:12:40) bobkmertzaux: but your not going to marry him?
(15:12:59) Tiffs Wolf Dance: We have no plans
(15:13:06) bobkmertzaux: wtf is wrong with you?
(15:13:26) Tiffs Wolf Dance: Nothing definite. It's possible. (15:13:35) bobkmertzaux: F**K YOU!
(15:13:37) bobkmertzaux: Im done
(15:13:42) bobkmertzaux: ive had enough of your games
(15:13:57) bobkmertzaux: You just told me you wanted to be with me
(15:14:04) bobkmertzaux: in a year
(15:14:05) bobkmertzaux: oh wait
(15:14:18) bobkmertzaux: get married to jim in a month... divorce in 6 months and then marry me
(15:14:20) bobkmertzaux: you make alot of sense
(15:14:40) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I'm not making plans to marry Jim, or to be with you in a year
(15:14:54) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I'm with Jim now
(15:15:03) Tiffs Wolf Dance: and I'll see where God leads me from there
(15:15:09) Tiffs Wolf Dance: That's all
(15:15:38) bobkmertzaux: I hate my life
(15:15:46) bobkmertzaux: I really wanna die
(15:15:49) bobkmertzaux: and I think I just might
(15:15:54) bobkmertzaux: you f**ked me over again
(15:16:13) bobkmertzaux: 4 hour drive home... alot can "happen"
(15:16:44) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I just needed your friendship. I'm sorry it got mixed up in the process.
(15:17:17) bobkmertzaux: The only thing you need from me is someone's life to screw up worse than your own... you look at me and make yourself feel better about the crap your doing
(15:17:34) Tiffs Wolf Dance: Not at all
(15:17:50) bobkmertzaux: Then why screw my life up like you do?
(15:18:30) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I have no intentions to do so
(15:18:40) Tiffs Wolf Dance: I hate myself
(15:20:48) bobkmertzaux: Know whats funny?
(15:20:57) bobkmertzaux: a couple days ago you told me you loved me
(15:21:03) bobkmertzaux: the funniest part is... I believed you
(15:21:12) bobkmertzaux: but I'll always be second best to jim
(15:21:14) bobkmertzaux: and now
(15:21:23) bobkmertzaux: im SURE thats why you didnt talk to me the day before we broke up
(15:21:34) bobkmertzaux: you wanted him back but you were too chicken to tell me
(15:22:58) bobkmertzaux: no answer = "yes bob, your right but I dont want to answer you
(15:23:13) Tiffs Wolf Dance: Sorry , talkign to mom M
(15:23:22) bobkmertzaux: planning this all out huh?
(15:23:24) Tiffs Wolf Dance: But no I didn't want to be with him
(15:23:38) bobkmertzaux: I dont believe you
(15:23:44) bobkmertzaux: I should have stopped believing you long ago
(15:23:57) bobkmertzaux: I'm done tiff... its over
(15:24:01) bobkmertzaux: Goodbye.....

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