Friday, February 29, 2008

Open reply to This Week in Science (twis)

I received a comment from Justin (the co-host of This Week in Science) on my blog post of my Open Letter to This Week in Science. I really like what he wrote and I followed up with another comment. Since I know there is no reason for someone to continually check one of my old posts I wanted to bring these up in a new post so that anyone who reads my blog will know that This Week in Science has replied.

Dear BibleBoy,

Thanks for the open letter! I appreciate that you are speaking out against views you don't agree with, even if that view happens to be mine...

I do understand that all christians are not cut from the same cloth, and that all religion is not at odds with science.

You like Barack Obama for the same reasons i do...
You’re a christian, i'm an atheist...

And if JC came back, believe me, he'd get both our votes too!

Not because it would prove I was wrong about God (it would prove most Christians views about him to be wrong too), but because he spoke about peace, about helping the least amongst us, amongst other things that i agree with completely. (I think he’d agree with separation of church and state, universal healthcare… I wonder what his economic plan would look like… he’d be some form of socialist that’s for sure)

The groups involved in public creationism are doing so by attempting to discredit science, not by following evidence to a truth, but by starting with a belief and attempting to cherry pick the evidence for truths that will fit.

It is strict doctrine religion masquerading as science and it makes a mockery of both.
With the Dover case is still fresh in my mind, this is more than a matter of personal opinion or belief… It is part of a movement that seeks to destroy the credibility of science, and to put it’s own message in it’s place. A Christian message… but one even you may not relate too.

The number of people they reach, whose minds are thereby closed to truth, who are trained to reject facts, to suspect science, who internalize ignorance of evolution…

i often feel that science goes undefended, and i am attempting to stand up for it… and yes, i have a snarky toungue, a lack of politeness filters, and a real knack for turning water into gasoline…

Well, anyhow, i have been offensive to you and i apologize for that…

-TWIS Minion -j-

------ My Reply ------


Thank you so much for your response. I have since realized that I over-reacted a little bit. I think that I was more hurt than I was upset. I mean, I hear the things you said many times and I will continue to and they dont ever tend to phase me but I think what happened is that I became such a fan of TWiS and developed a lot of respect for you an Kirsten both it hit me in a much different way.

Everything you wrote is absolutely true. I don't believe that Christians do anyone a favor by trying to bend the rules to fit what they believe. That would be the opposite of faith. And, quite honestly, no matter which side of the fence you are on it does ultimately get to a point of faith. Everything can be interpreted differently depending on who is doing the interpreting and in ALL cases its going to be slightly skewed because of the way the person thinks. If you've ever seen the "spinning lady" graphic to test whether you are using your right brain or left brain then you know what I'm talking about. Two people can see things completely different and it doesn't mean either of them has to be wrong.

I have respect for every human being and I feel that is the most important thing that everyone needs to work on. I have faith in God and I believe that God created everything.... on that same note I do believe that evolution exists to a point because all lifeforms do adapt over time. What complicates things is when "evolution" becomes a swear word inside the Church and any mention of it means your tagged as a sinner. This is the opposite of respect and a true representation of how not respecting someone will hurt BOTH sides. On the other hand, many atheists begin treating concepts of creation in the same way.

I appreciate what you and Kirsten do and I am glad you have the beliefs that you do because each week they work in to a podcast that helps me grow in understanding of how aspects of the world work and, while it may seem odd, help me increase my own faith.

No matter which side you are on, everyone has to agree that there are some incredibly amazing things that we may never come even close to understanding. If anyone isn't awestruck then he obviously has lost any kind of joy in life.

Oh... and GO OBAMA :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Honoring Mr. Rogers on March 20th (Fred's 80th Birthday)

I am proud to have come from Pittsburgh. I also have always said that the 2 people I looked up to most were Walt Disney and Fred Rogers. March 20th, 2008 would have been Fred Rogers' 80th birthday and in conjunction with Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary, this day is being declared "Won't you wear my sweater" day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do I even exist anymore?

I really don't know whats been going on with me recently but something just isn't right. One of the biggest oddities that is occuring right now is I constantly feel dehydrated. It doesnt matter how much water I drink I still have that dry mouth feeling, the sucking impulse, and eventually the dehydration headache. I know, I know.... go see a doctor, right? Well, I am.... but here is the problem. The doctor won't refill my prescriptions without a checkup so I have to go and pay $120 to say hi. Tell him about the dehydration? Sure, I could.... but I'm more affraid of that because that will result in him wanting to do tests.... tests that I just simply can not afford. The $120 office visit is going to kill me as it is..... I can't afford for there to be something wrong with me so the only thing I can do is pretend that nothing is.

There is probably a good chance that all of that links in to the other stuff.... but some of it is also the fact that I feel like I don't exist. Aside from the fact that I feel emotionally (and sometimes even physically) numb, it seems that anything I say just doesnt get heard. It started on Twitter when I noticed that none of my friends that usually reply to me were doing so.... but Twitter has been having issues so I write it off as that. Then it goes to emails not being responded to.... then text messages..... then phone calls...... anymore, I can't figure out if every communications device I own is broke or if people just simply don't care anymore. Even in the people that did pay some attention to me recently it seems that the majority of all of that was just when they needed something.

Overall? I just feel drained. I'm not overwhelmed or anything.... I don't feel stressed out.... I just don't feel like me. I'm functioning incredibly well doing the consulting work that I've been doing so at least its not something my clients have to worry about..... but when I step outside of the "work zone" I just don't know who I am..... and more importantly, I don't know if who I am even matters anymore since there isn't anyone to share that with. I don't know if you'd call any of this depression because it doesnt really have the footprint that depression has.... but at the same time I can't say that I'm happy.

So I guess there is an awaited "bob update" for anyone who actually still cares enough to read my blog. Sorry it wasn't happy.... but at least it isnt the deep depression driven blog posts of 2003 and 2004..... I'm sure things will turn around.... I'm sure that God has His hand on me..... I just am really hoping that there is some breakthrough soon.

Is T-Mobile broke? (And I don't just mean Twitter SMS)

I just attempted to place a call and received "Call Failed" .... I tried multiple phone numbers with the same result. I rebooted my phone, and the same thing occurs. I do, however, have data services such as web and email but phone services and SMS is completely dead. I also have a backup T-Mobile phone that I popped my SIM card in and it shows the same results.

Worse yet.... I just had a friend call my phone number and she received "That number is no longer in service"......

Oh... and to top it off I call T-Mobile and they are closed until 6am EST?!

Vote Different

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lisa going outside

Today was a really beautiful day and I had recently got harnesses for each of my birds so I thought I'd attempt using at least one of them. I started with Cracker which didn't go so well. Surprisingly she really bite me hard at all - well at least considering she probably has the strongest beak of my 3 birds but its thankfully dull. I had it on her twice but couldn't get it adjusted right so I figured if let her relax. I brought Lisa into the living room and wow that went even less smooth. Fortunately I got it on her after about a half hour and after another 15 mins she was.... Well, tolerating it. We headed outside and she was real alert, of course. She really started relaxing and enjoying it. We went for about a 45 min walk. It was actually a really great afternoon. I took this picture which I absolutely love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Icecapades on Blue Mountain

I don't think I can even begin to explain the experience that I just had. I think the best possibility of explaining it is to just post my twitter log:

  • • (bblboy54) Stopped at the post office to check my box. Now its up the mountain which I'm a bit concerned about. *crosses fingers*
  • • (bblboy54) Holy shit! I just lost control going down the hill to my house. Stopped about 10ft in front of a tree. I can't move. All is ok tho.
  • • (bblboy54) I don't know how I'm not dead and my car is in one piece. I'm not joking when I say I don't think I can walk down the hill to my house
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 OH MY GOSH! If you think you're hurt, call someone, don't try moving
  • • (mousewords) Saying prayers for @bblboy54 who thankfully says he's ok after an accident on an icy road
  • • (bblboy54) Thank you, God. That's all I can say. I don't know how my car stopped. I can see my house but I really don't know if I can walk to it.....
  • • (mousewords) Saying prayers for @bblboy54 who thankfully says he's ok after an accident on an icy road
  • • (bblboy54) Yes the ice is so bad that the road isn't walkable. I have never seen anything like this
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords no accident. Everything is 100% but after getting out of my car I know that God was here. I wish there was light for some pics
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 I'm thanking God with you! Can you call someone??
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords no need to call anyone. I can see my house and if I can't make it to it no one else is either :)
  • • (bblboy54) Car is staying right where its at. Gonna try to walk through neighbors yards and hope they aren't as icy as the road
  • • (mousewords) Rum is working, but I'm staying up till we hear @bblboy54 made it safely indoors. :-):-)
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords about 1/2 way there. I wish someone else was here not because I need them but because no one will believe this
  • • (bblboy54) Made it through yard across the street. I don't know if I can make it across my road
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 Well, your guardian angels are on duty--they'll "bear you up" over that road somehow!
  • • (bblboy54) Imagine a frozen lake that is slanted and that's my road
  • • (bblboy54) Gotta love the humor in this. I am standing directly on the other side of the road from my yard and I can't figure out how to get there :)
  • • (bblboy54) I soo wish I had a video camera right now! The uphill to school both ways story has nothing on this. And I think it denys physics the same!
  • • (bblboy54) Thinking I can go up hill a bit and slide on my ass downwards and hopefully there is enough of a slant to my house's side of the road
  • • (bblboy54) For those playing along at home this is in no way an exageration. If much rather be sleeping than making up stories :)
  • • (technosailor) enjoying the twitterings of a @bblboy54 who is entertainigly trying to "cross the street" with ice
  • • (mousewords) I was ready to tell @bblboy54 to watch out for cars on the road, but that was really a pretty dumb thing to think--it's too icy to walk on
  • • (bblboy54) Ok literally crossed the road using the slip n slide method. Slid a good 20 ft while hoping I landed somewhere on the other side.
  • • (bblboy54) Now for my walk way :)
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 I think Twitter is going to give a resounding cheer when you get inside your door. :-):-)
  • • (bblboy54) HOME! Thank God I live alone since I needed to strip at the door to avoid more ice forming on my pants!
  • • (bblboy54) I have never in my life seen anything like that and if I didnt just experience it I never would have believed it!
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 Thank the Lord you are safe and sound--and for goodness sakes don't ever do that again! :-):-D
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords Yea.... cause I planned this one :)
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 Quite the experience, to say the very least! :-):-) All's well now? I can go to sleep?
  • • (seedoflife) @bblboy54 What is your local time?
  • • (bblboy54) I estimate that the ice on my road is about 3/4" thick....same true with at least the bottom half of the road leading down to my road
  • • (bblboy54) My first clue that this was gonna be a problem should have been when I couldn't even chisel my mailbox open thats at the top of the hill
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords yes, everyone can go to sleep :) And the grandchildren are soo hearing about this years from now!
  • • (bblboy54) @seedoflife 3:51am
  • • (Roxette_Wise) @mousewords That's some adventure @bblboy54 is having!! 36 minutes ago from
  • • (mousewords) @Roxette_Wise I know! Had me on the edge of my seat for a minute there. :-):-)
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 You better believe it! Take a screen shot of your Twitter page for them! ;-):-) Glad you are safe, stay warm & good night
  • • (seedoflife) @bblboy54 Why are you outside at this hour? Emergency? Work?
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords I'm copying tweets to my Blog as we speak :)
  • • (bblboy54) @seedoflife work. I honestly would have stayed at the data center if I didn't have my 3 birds that need me.
  • • (mousewords) @akelatal We've just been watching @bblboy54 's drama--which thankfully had a happy ending :-):-)
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords mostly happy except for my ass (literal) which is still frozen. I did it and I'm not sure *i* believe it.
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 LOL I am so linking to that from my blog :-):-D
  • • (mousewords) "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." ~ Psalm 91:11

These tweets span about an hour of time and ended at around 3:20am.  I know there were other people in the conversation too but partially because I'm tired and partially because the twitter timeline isn't fully functional, they didn't make it on here.  I have to say that this is another example of why I love Twitter.  In situations like this where you would normally be scared out of your mind it's comforting because you feel like someone is kinda there with you and it actually keeps these types of situations entertaining.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

MySpace deletes hacked Web site for atheists and agnostics -

MySpace deletes hacked Web site for atheists and agnostics -

Yes I am a Christian and yes, I have to stand up for these guys. Despite that fact that I (obviously) don't agree with the ahteists viewpoint, MySpace does not have the right to discriminate against them. Any time we let any (public) organization decide who should and shouldn't be allowed on their network we *ALL* lose a bit of our rights. This is absolutely terrifying that MySpace is doing things like this. If the group was terrorizing others and threatening people on the MySpace service then they could have an argument. This doesnt seem to be the case, however - and that is just wrong.

Friday, February 08, 2008

An open letter to This Week in Science

Dear Kirsten Sanford and Justin Jackson,

I began listening to This Week in Science in December and it didn't take more than 2 episodes to have me completely hooked. Being able to hear news about things I am interested in with it being presented in an extremely entertaining way is a difficult thing to find and it seems to be exactly what the two of you do every week. During the couple of months that I have been listening I have noticed a somewhat anti-Christian overtone which is something that I could easily deal with simply because I understood that point of view.

Before I go on, let me tell you who I am. I am a person who certainly is a Christian by the actual definition but someone who is sometimes affraid to call himself a Christian because of the stereo-type that I seem to constantly be faced with. I am someone who had devoted his life to helping people and respecting people for exactly who they are. I am someone who does my best to hear what every single person is saying because I have a strong belief that I am able to learn something from anyone whether they are like me or not. I am someone who is irritated how most of the Christian Churches preach love and then practice hatred by denying people such as homosexuals the respect.

As this person, I am understanding of the way people feel about Christians in general but it is very hard for me to understand people that have a closed mind and I think when it's someone who deals with the sciences, I find it even harder to believe. While I can understand there may be skepticism I can't understand and I can't support someone who completely denies someone the chance to be heard simply because of their religion, race, nationality, and so on. Growing up I learned that in order to move beyond the mediocre and investigate the sciences you had to have an open mind and be able to listen to everything no matter where it was coming from. I think back to Christopher Columbus's era. The entire world believed that the world was flat and would completely denounce anyone who believed as such. I often wonder how many people wouldn't even heard Columbus's reasons for saying the world was flat simply because he was a believer in a round earth.

The episode that was released today has me extremely upset and personally hurt. It hurts me even more because the beginning of the show had a rather large endorsement of my favorite presidential canidate, Barack Obama and then later in the show many supporters of Obama were attacked because they didn't believe everything that another supporter believed. Personally, I am a strong supporter of Obama because he is all about bringing people together. He does not draw the line at any group of people but says we all need to come together. His slogan "Yes We Can" doesn't say "Yes most of us can".... The contradictions infuriate me.

To be completely honest, the group of people that you are attacking with the peer group I am not familiar with and, as seems to be evident, you are neither. I am not, in any way, defending this group of people because I just simply don't know what they stand for -- but that's just my point. I am not able to judge until I hear what they have to say and weigh their words for myself and investigate such. Even if the group of people are entirely off their rocker maybe they will make one point that makes sense that none of us would have learned unless we listened.

My point is this: Any person who denies another person the right of being heard based on their religion, race, etc is someone that should not be honored. The words you said tonight were absolutely no different than the racist bastards who say a black person can't do anything except violent crime. Those words contradicted the spirit that you are fighting for -- both as a scientist and a supporter of Barack Obama.

I sincerely hope that the points I made will make sense to you. I'm not meaning to defend anyone or anything but I am asking that you think about the words you said and how they may have really hurt a large group of people -- especially those people who are trying their best to spread the message that everyone deserves respect.

Bob K Mertz

For my readers who are not familiar with This Week in Science, they are a weekly podcast that reports on scientific issues facing our nation and the world. Their website is The episode that is referenced in this post is the Feb 5th edition. If you would like to hear a snip of the section in reference, please use the following link:

TWiS - Feb 5th 2008 / Answers in Genesis Segment

Dr. Sanford did say that she wants to expose the flaw in the scientific process which is certainly a respectable thing to do but the attitude that was presented was obvious that there was no interest in hearing what these people had to say.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Jung Personality (And why I'm single?)

Actualized type: ENFP
(who you are)

Extroverted (E) 56.67% / Introverted (I) 43.33%
Intuitive (N) 61.76% / Sensing (S) 38.24%
Feeling (F) 65% / Thinking (T) 35%
Perceiving (P) 80% / Judging (J) 20%

ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.

Preferred type: ENFP
(who you prefer to be)

Extroverted (E) 80.65% / Introverted (I) 19.35%
Intuitive (N) 60% / Sensing (S) 40%
Feeling (F) 68.42% / Thinking (T) 31.58%
Perceiving (P) 57.89% / Judging (J) 42.11%

ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.

Attraction type: INFP
(who you are attracted to)

Introverted (I) 52.94% / Extroverted (E) 47.06%
Intuitive (N) 54.29% / Sensing (S) 45.71%
Feeling (F) 64.86% / Thinking (T) 35.14%
Perceiving (P) 61.29% / Judging (J) 38.71%

INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.

Jung Explorer Test

Now it all makes sense.... I am in a group that makes up only 8.1% of the population and I'm attracted to a group that makes up only 4.4% of the population. Interestingly enough, my disfavored career list includes "Computer Technician" .... I have to somewhat refute that because Computer Technician is a very broad term. I am quite specific about the things with computers I like and dislike.  Most of what I like to do with a computer involves huge amounts of creativity. I think one of the coolest things is how similar I am to who I want to be.... I think this is something that people struggle with a lot but I think it boils down to people just not being content. If you are content with what life brings you then you'll generally be able to accept hardships because, at the root, you enjoy the person you are.