Sunday, August 22, 2004

Today really was a great day! Jo came down from Bradford for the day. She was a good friend to me while I was up at LHU. I havent seen her in a long while. Its kinda nice to reunite with people you havent seen in a while. We spent ALOT of time talking.... it was really great and much needed. We kinda relate to each other in ways that others cant relate to us. We have very similar situations going on. I honestly wish she did live closer. I could use someone to hang out with. Im sure we'll see each other again tho. Today was good for both of us.

I cleaned my room today.... while I did I found $65 in gift certificates to the mall. That was pretty cool... So Jo and I went to the mall.... before you say "whyd you go blow money" ... I didnt. T-Mobile is in the mall and as a result I could use those to pay my current T-Mobile bill. I did that and then bought me and Jo lunch at Chick-Fil-A (somehow she never had that).... We also went to visit Tanya and Eli. I really hope that Jo didnt feel out of place there but somehow I think she did. But she did start talking to Tanya for a while so what do I know.... Leaving there we talked more and talked about Tiff and little.... and she said the one thing that I had different is that I definately have someone there if Tiff and I dont work out. I dont know if thats what I even want but that was just another comment chalked up as to how cute me and Tanya are together. *shrug* I need some time.... Tanya is moving on anyway so by time I figure my life out, even if Tiff and I dont work out, she isnt gonna wanna be with me. But yea, anyway, later Jo and I went to see "Without a Paddle" ... definately a good movie! Very funny! Then we went to dinner and came back to my house and talked some more.... then she had to leave... I really wish she didnt.... I had such a relaxing day.

Well, for some reason my family is counting church out for tomorrow... I dunno if Im gonna go or not. I really should but yet I really should catch up on some sleep. I dont know if Im even gonna get to bed yet.... *shrug* ... Either way, have a good night!

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