Monday, August 09, 2004

I worked today and then left early to go to the doctors. We talked and worked some things out. I will be switching my anti-depresant to another kind but still staying on my lithium. This other anti-depresant also helps with anxiety, so it should be right up my alley.

After that I went to Tanya's to play with Eli. I was glad to see him... and I think he was just as glad to see me. I got along fine with Tanya's mom and sister which I was a little worried about and then tanya came home while I was still there and that went fine too. I am so glad that we're all still friends. I need that right now. It was tough tho.... I missed it.... if you know what I mean... and did I ever mention Tanya was freaking beautiful .... well if not, she is. :) But anyway, she is my friend now and nothing more than that. We'll be there for each other as friends because right now that is what we are meant to be. Im just glad that she still cares for me like I still care for her.... it's really a good scenario.... and I guess if its not meant to be (me and her getting married), its definately better that all of this happened now.

Well, I have part of a wireless network to rebuild.... been a while since you've seen "802.11b" in this blog, but its back .... I may blog later tonight... hard to say what happens. I'm hoping to talk to Tiff tonight. She said she was gonna be online.

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