Sunday, August 01, 2004

I made some mistakes in the last few days.... The biggest was hurting someone because of a hunch. I found out today that that hunch was wrong. Tiff posted things on her blog and talked to my mom often and used them all to lure me back. Once I talked to her she avoided telling me that she was back with jim. When I called her today I thought a relationship may start again. I was also prepared to hear that she was with jim again. If that was the case I wanted to be friends with her and admit to tanya I was wrong. That wasn't the case. Tiff did not tell me she was back with jim. She even ignored that fact when I directly asked her. Tiff doesn't care about me at all. She has a real bad habit of lying to me.... And its always about jim.... So how could I trust her? I know what I need to do now... I need to talk to the girl that loves me to death... The one that just has trouble showing it. The same girl that makes me happy. I need to make this right between me and tanya. I can't let this fall apart. I got my answer loud and clear from tiff.... I can't loose tanya too. At least now I know and I don't have those tiff thoughts in the back of my head. As bad as this hurt so many people..... It needed to happen. And... Oh yea... I love you tanya... And I'm sorry.

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