Saturday, August 14, 2004

I spent some time over at Tanya's today.... playing with Eli and such. Things went really well. I still have her computer at my house... its a mess. I was talking to one of the other techs at work and we both are kinda thinking its the IDE controller on the mainboard.... this isnt a good thing since the machine is an older machine and those mainboard just are not readily availble. We MIGHT have one at work tho. So im taking tanya's tower with me to work on Monday and Mike and I are both going to look at it and see what we can do to get it going. We might even have an old shell laying downstairs since those systems were actually shell systems we sold. We'll have to see. I gotta find some kind of solution for her.

I just got done reading her blog.... and I have some mixed emotions. It looks like she is really ready to move on... which Im glad for her.... Honestly... I want the best for her. But I guess in a way I dont want to see her move on.... even tho I am pretty confident that tanya and I are not going to get married, I still have the thought in the back of my mind.... and it kinda hurts to see her move on. I dont want to see her get into the wrong crowd or whatever again. I guess maybe thats why I was upset about Tanya's blog before when she went out to the bar.... I just care an awful lot about her. This is something I will get over. Like I said, I think that God is leading me in another direction... im not exactly sure which, but different..... I will follow the path... I am just glad that Tanya and I are still friends. That helps alot. I just pray that she doesnt get hurt.

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