Thursday, August 19, 2004

So my parents ask me if I want anything from McDonalds... I told them just a milkshake.... later they call me to tell me its up there.... I go up and get it and come back down here to my room because I have stuff to do. My mom goes "arent you gonna stay up here and visit with us? You havent been up here in a while" ..... I got stuff to do... so just now I go up to talk for a few mins before I go to bed and the olympics is on.... no one talks to me.... I ask a couple questions.... I get one word answers if that and obviously I was bugging them. Im sick of this olympics bs. I never really have been against the olympics but that is adding alot of stress to me. My family was really all I had in the last couple weeks and now I dont even have them.... not to mention even after the olympics are over, they arent going to have the same feel to me since I know that I wasnt that important. It all really hurts. But such is life I guess.... VA is far away and 5am is not so I'm gonna get to bed. Nite!


Vivek said...

Is it that you want some one/ppl specific to listen and understand the way you feel?
What’s it about the Olympics that’s stressing you out?... its just a bunch of ppl trying to out do another bunch of ppl…Add a lil bit of patriotism/national sprit…Throw in a few sponsors and it becomes marketable.[If it can be sold sell it.. if not re-market it!]Aint easy to ignore it when you are surrounded by it...and everyone else is into it.

Bob K Mertz said...

Its not so much the olympics as it is I feel I am being FORCED into liking them and that I am being treated as an outcast because I dont like to watch them. If your into the olympics, fine... if not, then you should be able to just go in your room and do your own thing when they are on. Dont worry, ive already been yelled at by my sister. I know that in the last 2 weeks I have gradually become a much harder person. I just wish that I was allowed to not like the olympics but it seems thats not an option. My mom gets all upset when I dont sit there and watch them.... I dont want to... I have other stuff to do. Why must I? It also bugs me that when you go upstairs to ask one question no one up there hears you. Ok, so your into the olympics... fine..... but when I am on the phone or watching something in my room and they call me and I dont hear them I get yelled at. Its not so much that they are into the olympics.... its just that when the roles have been reversed, it was alot different.