Monday, August 30, 2004

I am so fuming mad right now its not even funny.... and this isnt good considering the circumstances im in. First of all, I feel like driving to Lock Haven... and thats not a good thing. I wish to God that I could just easily forget someone as easily as she can. Damnit im pissed. Secondly.... my sisters friend has been needing her internet set up.... i kept setting times up and then she'd never call me back.... yesterday I was told by my sister that I should go over tonight... thats when she said would work. I was asked to do something tonight by a friend that I hadnt seen in a very long time and I turned her down.... because I was going to help this friend of my sisters.... now my SISTER tells me that she is at Idlewild today.

I so freaking want to go crawl in a hole and freaking die. I'm sick of people around me... they are here for one purpose... to piss me off! I want to die... and I want Tiff to pull the trigger so I can at least give her some satisfaction.

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