Sunday, August 15, 2004

In the same way that you are in the cross-fire of a shoot out and your very happy to see the police officers there.... that was the way I felt today in church. Dont know how to explain it but I was so glad to see my pastor up on the stage.... it was like a battle between good and evil.... just a strange feeling... but yet neat. Something happened today.... just dont know what.

And Brusters... I drove by there after eating..... low carb ice cream..... I've had enough of this low carb stuff. Not only is it too hyped but its going to kill alot of people..... Dr. Atkins dies of his diet and more people catch on to it.... I dont understand.

I had a good nap after that.... now its time to head in to Pizza Hut. I'm still kinda out of it... too much on my mind..... missing people.... I havent talked to tiff in a while... I hope she calls me tonight or something... that would be really nice.... I'm so scared of where my life is going.... yet I cant wait to see. *shrug* I guess The Keeper will lead me!

Well im off to the hut.... have a good one!

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Vivek said...

how Atkins diet works thought this might help you understand the diet. Ppl like it cos it’s supposed to help reduce weight FAST.

This may sound stupid/weird.. But God was the main guy who started/IS everything right? If God told us what’s good ... wouldn't he be the same guy who defined evil too? Does that make God both good and evil?

PS: I do believe GOD. I hope you won’t be offended that I’m trespassing your space on the web, by making a post.