Friday, September 08, 2006

So Netflix is suing blockbuster for patent infringement. I really have to say that there are alot of useless patents out there that are constantly being granted but I think that Netflix does have a case here and I think that only because of the way Blockbuster has behaved. Netflix started years ago with an entirely new idea and Blockbuster was too busy running all of the little video stores out of business to notice that times were changing. Blockbuster let it go for years and then all of a sudden they realized that they lost because they were screwing the customer while Netflix was taking care of the customer. All of a sudden, Blockbuster starts doing the same exact thing -- the same thing that they laughed at Netflix for doing.

There is a really good comment on the Slashdot post for this which I liked:

Note to self,

Time to patent new business model that increases customer satisfaction through the extension of services at prices the customer can afford while providing support and an extended "Customer is right" attitude.

Then I can sue all the companies that have happy customers, hmmm It may be hard to find them now.


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