Sunday, September 03, 2006

The same way that words could never express the feeling of comfort I had while I was in Kim's arms is the same way that words are not able to express the emotional pain I am in since I lost her.

My hope is in God but I can not understand why I was able to hold someone so perfect in my arms and have God let her be taken away from me. People talk about love at first sight.... For me and Kim it was love at first laugh. Being able to laugh at the same things is such an incredible feeling. I just can't describe how perfect and how different it felt. It just doesn't seem right.... Not in the slightest bit.

I really am doing my best at giving this to God and following His lead. I can't help but hope that I would somehow see her again. The reality of that situation is pretty faint... But then again, the reality of meeting someone that fit so well with me was pretty faint -- but I did find her.... Well, I didn't find her. Despite the fact that she has been taken away, I still believe it was God that led us to each other.

I'm going to try to sleep again. It becomes really difficult to sleep when tears flood your pillow the second you lay down.

God, I know Your ways are good and that you have a purpose for all of this. Please comfort me in this time and please also comfort Kim -- wherever she may be.

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