Thursday, September 21, 2006

Now this is interesting dont you think? I start trying to trust someone again and next thing you know, someone else is taking my vacation.

It's all ok tho... Like my friend told me -- Its a good thing I found out about Tiff not being sane BEFORE I took a vacation from hell!

In case you missed it
(Microsoft Document Image)

Ironically, on the same day this occurs, said person above dissappears from Tiff's "top friends" list.

Just in case thats been "corrected" by time you see it

Believe it or not, I was completely expecting something like this to happen. It's always seemed that she beats around the bush about the truth.... She may be very right that she doesnt outright lie but she is an expert at hiding the truth from you. I told her that she had a decission to make and I was fully expecting her to try to hide what decission she was making.... and, Jason dissappearing from her profile was just that. However, I thank God that in this situation the truth has always come out and not once has it ever come from Tiff's mouth.

Good thing I have friends:
(20:10:11) jodi: yeah, slaughtering bambi i have issues with, but ripping humans who piss me off limb from limb, i'm okay with that
(20:27:51) jodi: i totally just can't believe tiff never fessed up to the whole jason thing!


The crazy thing was I was listening to a Kutless song today and there was a line in it that hit me very hard. It was "Freedom is just another perspective away" ... And I think I have found my freedom! Finally I can say that I have been 100% liberated from what control Tiff had of me. I started talking to her this last month to kind of proove a point to myself.... I wasnt expecting it to happen with bells and whistles -- but it sure makes for a great story, doesnt it? :) I'm not going to lie... The thought crossed my mind about Tiff and I being back together.... And I dont know that I will ever say something for certain about the future again so who knows what tomorrow brings ... but right now I can say that I am honestly liberated and free. My perspective has been changed in one day and it feels great to be free!

OH!!! And dont think that I didnt find out good news today! There certainly is some great news and the future is looking much brighter:

No need to wake up before 10am anymore

Hehehe.... what a great day! For those of you that have known me for years should find this pretty shocking: I feel better in this hour than I have all week! :)

Good luck to Jason. I really honestly pray that Tiff has learned a lesson and she won't end up destroying his life as she has many others. And if she does, I hope he is smart enough and strong enough to take it. I say this not in spite of Tiff but because I really hope that no one every goes through what I went through.

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