Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sit there thinkin
In your room
You feel the pressure
Youre goin crazy too
The walls around you
Closin in
You need a change

Feelin scared
You need somebody
But no one seems to care
A one way ticket
A change of pace
Youve had enough
Cant take no more

Breaking the chains around you
Nobody else can bind you
Take a good look around you
Now youre breaking the chains

Got this letter
Came today
From my baby
Who left me yesterday
Said she loves
Shell come back
She wants to try

I wont let her
Shell be upset
I know its better
Than somethin Ill regret
Shes been dishonest
And insincere
I lost my mind
Twenty times a year

Breaking the chains around me
Nobody else can bind me
Take a good look around me
Now Im breaking the chains

Woke up today
Im alone
I look around
But baby you were gone
But I dont mind
And I dont worry
I will survive

Im alone
Now that youre gone
Dont need nobody
To hold or tie me down
I broke the chains
So let me be
Ive gotta be free

"Breaking the Chains" by Dokken

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