Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I knew it couldnt last forever :(

Today things have really been hard on me and the worst part is that nothing bad happened.... actually, pretty much nothing happened. I just failed again like I always do. I'm going to get back up tho because I need to... I can't just accept defeat. Sometimes I wonder why I'm all alone in this but, as God has really been impressing on me, I dont need to know. He is in charge and He is with me.

It's really hard when there is no one that cares enough to step out and say "Hey Bob, how are you doing" ... If there is anyone that will be beside me, they are only there when I ask them to be and only for the time I ask...

Hopefully the next blog post won't be this sad and I'll be back up and pushing forward to what God has for me. Good things are coming -- I do still believe that. I'm stronger than what I'm facing and I can stand up to the temptation that I face.

Please keep me in your prayers.

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