Thursday, September 21, 2006

(21:16:08) bobkmertz: well I really meant what I said in my blog that I will never say something for sure about the future
(21:16:19) bobkmertz: and that also means that I wont sit here and say that ill never date Tiff again
(21:16:21) bobkmertz: however
(21:16:35) jodi: yeah, but you'll also never walk into it with the amount of trust you had in the past
(21:16:40) bobkmertz: a few people in hell might start running for jackets if I get closer to her :)
(21:16:43) jodi: she'd really have to earn that back
(21:16:46) bobkmertz: oh yea
(21:16:47) bobkmertz: OH YEA
(21:16:49) bobkmertz: OH
(21:16:50) bobkmertz: FREAKING
(21:16:51) bobkmertz: YEA
(21:16:52) bobkmertz: :)
(21:17:14) bobkmertz: she'd like have to move in with me and be in my sight every hour of the day
(21:17:15) bobkmertz: heh
(21:17:23) jodi: eventually you'll get to the point where you wouldn't take her back too
(21:17:46) bobkmertz: yea
(21:17:52) bobkmertz: when I find that amazing girl in my future
(21:17:56) jodi: you'll have too many good and honest things going on in your life to throw it all away for a world of wondering which end is up
(21:18:40) bobkmertz: right
(21:18:41) bobkmertz: well
(21:18:47) bobkmertz: im always wondering which end is up
(21:18:53) bobkmertz: but it doesnt have to be which end of a girl is up
(21:18:57) jodi: lol
(21:19:07) bobkmertz: well.... except for in certain physical circumstances
(21:19:08) bobkmertz: :)
(21:19:23) jodi: the face is on the front
(21:19:23) jodi: with the boobs
(21:19:27) bobkmertz: lol

(21:28:08) jodi: man
(21:28:13) jodi: you know what is SO ironic?
(21:28:18) jodi: the first post you made today
(21:28:25) bobkmertz: hmmm
(21:28:28) jodi: about the Feds covering up their crap
(21:28:29) jodi: haha
(21:28:32) bobkmertz: LOL
(21:28:32) jodi: ironic!

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