Monday, December 26, 2005

Tonight was a really good night I guess.... still I didnt get what I wished for but maybe I just gotta get over it? I did, however, get a chance to hang out with a friend that I had not seen in about 7 years...... It was awesome to get to catch up on things and just sit and talk to her. I dont think anyone that reads this (all 2 of you :) really know her but her name is Lauren.. She's a real sweetheart. It was good to sit and talk about some of the good times that the group we hung out with back then had. Lots of memories..... and of course it was cool to talk about the new stuff going on in each of our lives too.... finding someone else that seems to always get crapped on in relationships is nice in a way.... it sucks that she had to go through it.... but its nice to know that others do experience some of the crazy stuff that I have to go through. It was kinda cool that she noticed that I had changed alot since she last saw me just by reading this blog.... I think thats a good thing. I guess maybed I do have a friend in PA? lol... well, I do have a few of them....

Oh... and I got a text message tonight too.... I dont understand..... if two people are so much alike that they seem like they are cloned, you'd think they'd be really close, right? *shrug*

Well, tomorrow is an EXTREMELY busy day for me..... gotta help some people out and most importantly, I have to go play with Eli.... well, I dont have to... I WANT TO! So I guess I'm gonna get to bed..... well, of course I'll check myspace first because im not addicted or anything :D

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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