Monday, December 12, 2005

So tonight I got that call.... I made my decission.... I hung up the phone..... and immediately started going "why.... why did you do that?" .... then God confirmed I made the right decission.

So what happened? Well, Rackables FINALLY called and he said that he talked to HR and he said they won't do the signing bonus..... he said there is a possibility of doing something after your first quarter but that is down the road.... salary still isnt coming up.... I told him I would have to pass..... He wished me the best and that was that.

So yea, it was tough turning down that job.... but I knew I had to.... but it was tough... and when you turn down more money, you always want to justify it.... I wanted to figure out how to justify it but I didnt have to... God did it for me :)

I called my friend that works for Rackables and he told me that he was completely with me.... He said he did the math Friday even tho he told himself he wasnt going to and he worked 138 hours in the last two weeks..... and on top of this, he found out that new manager (same one that was trying to hire me) is trying to find a way to pay him less..... I'm not against working 65 hour weeks..... but I am against it for what they were going to pay me..... So not only did I turn down this job with Rackables but it looks like they are going to start losing employees..... So, that confirms it.... I made the right decission.

As for a car... I dunno right now.... I'm going to call my friend Bruce that was working with me on the car options and see if I can get a cheaper car in the loan I was aproved for.... Having a new car would be a great benefit but without taking this new job, it's not as much of a requirement.... I figure I can put the money into fixing the Samurai and making it legal in VA so I can go back to my two beater plan..... God will provide those needs..... I'm sure of that.

Oh and by the way... this ends my active search for a job. Im done stressing myself out over this. If another opportunity comes about without me looking, I'll then look into it.... but someone will have to call me and tell me it's available. I really am enjoying my job at Carpathia again and financially I'm on the right path I think since I did get the raise and I'm moving in with Keith to cut expenses so at the moment, there isnt a need to actively look.... if a better opportunity arises, then we'll cross that bridge then.... but I cant keep stressing myself out over this... I'm content so I'll just stay here for now..... I'll focus on getting things going with my church and stuff and just enjoy my life....

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