Monday, December 05, 2005


at least I'm finally in the tow truck and warm. So what happened was I was just sitting at a red light waiting to turn and all of a sudden steam started pouring out from under my hood and then I could smell anti freeze.... I know enough about cavaliers to know that you don't stop and think about what to do.... You just shut them off so they don't over heat. So I called AAA and the sheriff to come sit behind my car..... The tow truck beat the sheriff... I love our police forces down here.... If they can't turn it into a money making citation, they don't bother.

So anyway, I guess dad is coming down tomorrow morning. I called the one garage I deal with sometimes and they quoted me $125 for a radiator hose..... My dad argued with me when I told him it would cost $50..... He just can't seem to realize that this isn't PA...... Hopefully it is just a hose and dad and I can fix it.... Otherwise, who knows.... God will provide somehow..... He always does no matter how scared I am..... Please keep me in your prayers.

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