Friday, December 02, 2005

Just a quick update before I leave for work.

I talked to Rackables for a long time today.... things are looking good! They are going to have me an official offer either tonight or Monday. This offer will not be the salary I was asking for but is definately a salary that I feel is more than fair... especially since the benefits are much better than what I have now (especially medical) as well as I will have stock options.... for a growing company like Rackables, this is an amazing thing. I think that I am going to ask if they could possible give me a signing bonus... reason is that this job will require alot of travel.... Although I know my Cavalier is a solid car right now, I dont know if it's the best option for me to still be using a 1993 car with 130k miles on it for a job like what I will (most likely) be taking..... So, a new car is something that I need to consider.... this is a hard thing for me to consider right now because of the cost associated with it.... I would need to have a car payment and my insurance would be alot higher because of full coverage plus it being a new car.... and you have to consider the 3% annual tax that VA charges for cars that are worth over $1k.... So its a big bite but its something that I think is justified..... The salary will be higher but also my costs will be lower because I will be moving in with Keith in January..... not to mention that with the traveling, when I am away from home, all of my meals will be reimbursed.... I'm looking at a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon.... my friend Bruce at Cochran up in Monroeville (PA) can get me a real nice GT model for under $18k.... it'll have my sound system in it as well as leather and sun roof :) Plus they are economical cars.... MPG isnt quite as high as my Cavalier because it is a V6 but its still in mid-20s for highway.... So I think it's justified but if anyone thinks that it is not, please let me know.... I definately have meen trying to be better with my money and I am content with my Cavalier but with all the traveling that will be required, I think a new car may be justified.

Well, I have to leave for work now.... I'll keep you guys posted more. Thanks for your continued prayers! I love you all!

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