Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sometimes I expect to just walk into a room somewhere and see a big sign that says "Game Over" and I hear that crazy electronic music that all the old nintendo games would play.

I feel like thats what is going on. I'm playing a big game. I'm not sure how many lives I have... how many mistakes I can make.... hell, I'm not even sure what the name of the game is. I'm kind of getting burnt out tho. Sometimes you just get bored with the same thing repeating it's self over and over again. Asteroids was a great Atari game.... but every level was the same thing but a little faster..... there was nothing new and exciting.... thats what my life is... a game of asteroids. I'd much rather be playing Super Mario 3 or something where every level is at least a little different.... but its the same things over and over again for me..... just gets faster and a little tougher.... but nothing new and exciting for me....

I'm bored... I'm burnt out.... I just want to go to sleep for a while.... maybe forever.

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