Sunday, January 01, 2006

What does a man have to do to listen to the Steeler game? Why must I be punished because I dont live in the area that the Steelers are playing in? Oh... thats right... will broadcast it to me... FOR A FEE.... Why should I have to pay for something that other people get for free just because they live in a certain area? I had a great idea... streams their broadcast.... oh, wait... its turned off during the Steeler game because NFL has the rights to it I guess.

Either way, I'm getting the text messages when they or detroit scores and wtf.... Why do they do this all the time? If it's a game they are definately going to win, they give up before they start and end up losing. Well, they are at least ahead right now but they shouldnt be this close....

Either way... GO STEELERS!

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