Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Did you ever get that moment when chills get sent down your spine... you feel like there is a presence in the room with you. You could swear the place was haunted.... but then you realize that that haunting is The Creator of the universe? Look back a couple posts.... you'll see it.... me questioning the isolation..... Not surprisingly, I had a couple people try to "correct" me over that post. This actually is a common place with my blog... something I've become acustomed to. I wrote that post not complaining but questioning. Why does it seem like I am isolated from my friends. Why am I isolated from the people that mean the most to me. I never believed for a second that my friends hated me or didnt care.... but I questioned why it seemed that way.... after all, it DID seem that way. But why? I knew it wasnt because they hated me... but why was this occuring....

So why is my room haunted now with The Creator? Because for the first time in a VERY long time, I actually picked up a book to start reading. Oddly enough, my pastor kinda threw this book at me on Sunday.... I dont read... not only does he tell me I need to look over this book but he shoves me the sequel to it. I'm like wtf.... Mike... I have 2 books sitting in my room now that I really want to read... "Just take it home and look it over... you can bring it back next week if you want" .... "No, Mike, it's ok... it looks interesting... I'll just bring money for the books next week" .... then I think to myself "ok, why not... I have plenty of books in my room that I'll never read but at least it makes me LOOK like I have good intentions".... So tonight I pick up this book? Why? Well, its obvious... my room is haunted. Thats why.

I * R E A D * T H I S :

The reply came: "David, as a boy, spent many cold and lonely nights alone with his sheep. It was then that he learned to hear my voice, You, my son, are not the first to have this sort of experience. There were countless nights when David found warmth and comfort in me and me alone. In that training period, David grew accustomed to the sound of my voice, just as his sheep had grown accustomed to his. He loved me and obeyed me." From God.Com by James Alexander Langteaux

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