Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What a freaking mess this day was.... I feel really bad because I had to leave Bud while one of his primary machines was down and I never made it to my other friend's house that I wanted to help out.... not to mention I didnt eat until I was on my way back down here to VA nor did I even get to see my mom.

The good (and very surprising) thing was that I actually sold the Saturn today.... Wasnt expecting that but I picked up a few hundred for it.... It's actually pretty amazing.... right now I was trying to figure out how to pay my final payments for my bills at my apartment before I move in with Keith but yet I really felt God wanted me to provide for Becca.... how amazing is it that I followed God and I was able to get pretty much the exact amount of money that I needed from selling the car that was wrecked? So thats the good thing of the day.....

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