Friday, January 20, 2006

So on my way home from work a heard a song on The Fish (XM032) that
really hit me... I was searching for the lyrics but couldn't find them
to post. The song was "Cosmic Cowboy" by Barry McGuire (it looks like
One Bad Pig did a cover). The lyrics actually really touched me and
gave me a little lift. This walk we take with God is not easy but He is
always there.

Aside from all the recent stress, things are pretty well. I walked out
of the data center and looked at my car and just smiled. I really like
my car but that's not why I smiled.... I smiled because its a symbol of
things falling into place for me. As far as living in Herndon, living
with Keith is tough... No, I'm just kidding :) things are really going
well. Only thing I have to figure out is how low I need to turn the
bass on my music when I get home from work. But really, Keith is an
awesome friend... Even tho we may follow the lead of "The Odd Couple"
(an older sitcom with Jack Lemon), we get along really well. I wouldn't
change my mind in making this decission.

I still have some things on my mind and there certainly still is pain in
my heart, but I'm happy for the reassurances that I was given tonight.

Good Night

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