Saturday, January 21, 2006

1.5mg of my Xanax should knock me out for a bit.... tho its been 10 mins and my chest is still hurting like hell.... I dont know that there is hope anymore.... What really is the point? Truly, there are far worse things out there that need dealt with than me so why should anyone (including myself) be concerned about me?

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Keith10247 said...

Bob. Seriously. I do not see how things can be so bad. How do you get all these negative thoughts in your head? You want to be happy? Think happy. If you consider failure you will fail. If you consider success you will succeed. Grab yourself a positive outlook on life and snap out of it. With all these posts, in your blog, you owe like 20-40 quarters to the "Negative Nancy" jar! Cheer up. I know you better than this. You will be fine. I am more than sure of it. Come talk to me whenever you need to. Oh and quit using the xanax to fall asleep. You are doing nothing but raising your tolerance level and creating another problem (dependancy) at the same time. Oh and if you need to sleep. There is so blue pills in my bathroom, named Ambien CR. Take one and sleep with ease.

Chin up lad! Im not sure I can live with a depressed lesbian! So lets get this worked out! ;-)

Peace! Btw, any way I can remotely control your music source so I can listen to some decent music while you are sleeping? Since I get to listen to it anyways, would be cool to choose what to listen since you arent actually listening :-P j/k bro (kinda) ;-)