Saturday, January 07, 2006

I was somewhat out of it today... wasnt that it was a bad day but I think between not getting enough sleep last night, work being CRAZY today, and not feeling 100% (sinuses are bugging me) I guess it is to be expected. I have to say tho it was really nice to hang out with some friends.

Also, Becca picked up my Cavalier today.... it seems like she really likes that car and I cant tell you how happy I am about that. I had this HUGE fear that she was not gonna like it or it would be a problem or something but I can definately tell that she appriciates it which really makes me feel good. I think I was really worried about it after the whole Tiff thing when I gave her that Saturn. I never felt so horrible for doing something for someone in my life.... and after that I had been afraid to do things for people at times because I was affraid of being ... well, I guess I was just really hurt by that situation..... maybe thats why God gave me an opportunity to do it again.... just so that I could realize that you can't just stop helping people because someone didnt appriciate something you did before.....

So I guess.... yea, it really was a good day.... I just wasnt feeling the best so that played a part.

Well I think I'm gonna watch some TV and then head to bed. I have church in the morning and then tomorrow evening I'm heading up to PA.

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