Sunday, January 29, 2006

So I didnt go to church today.... Thought about calling everyone and seeing if I could meet them for lunch but a few weeks ago when I was down and went to lunch I brought everyone else down and it was very clear that I did that... so I didnt want to do it again.

Honestly tho.... I'm kinda even more frustrated now. Why cant people be proactive? I mean.... why all of a sudden today is everyone trying to talk to me and getting pissed off that I dont know what to say or how to respond or even how I feel? I'm out of it... I'm here now and I'm screwed up. Can't people be my friend before I end up being a psychotic asshole? Sure, I'd love to talk to people today but I honestly dont know what to say... I dont know how I feel right now, other than feeling like crap. I've got too much to deal with and there isnt anyone that really cares about it.

Oh well.... at least its only like 5 miles from my old apartment to the parking lot and I should be able to carry everything left out in... oh, around 5 million trips.... Sure, I can look at the bright side that it could be 10 miles.... but really.... I tore my body up yesterday carrying stuff.... oh, wait.... I'm superhuman.... I forgot.... yea, today should be no problem at all.

Dont try to reach me today... All I'll do is upset you and all you'll do is interupt me from doing crap that I need to get done.

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