Friday, January 20, 2006

Why cant it be true that you can click your heels together and just be taken to another place? I want to go to a place where people cant hurt you.... or at least people dont WANT to hurt you..... of course, then again, almost every time that I have been hurt the worst it's because "someone didnt want to hurt me" .... so they lie to me. Why do people hurt me all the time... and why does it always cut me so deep. I can take alot of harassment but there are some people that just know how to really get me emotionally..... and of course, I'm one of the most vulnerable people around. I appriciate all of the people that have been emailing me and IM'ing me.... its hard to believe that some people have totally forgotten about me but its nice to know that at least a few do still care about me.

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