Sunday, January 22, 2006

Steelers Fever - An Open Letter To The Denver Broncos And Their Fans - By Neal Coolong:
As fans of the NFL, we congratulate you. We know the effort it takes to convert five Patriots turnovers into 24 points. And just like you, we'll overlook the fact two of those came on muffed punts and kicks. Todd Sauerbrun leads all NFL punters with forced fumbles for good reason. Every good returner in the game is subject to fumbling after being hit by the punter accused of using steroids.

We're in this position again, as you may or may not remember. Denver traveled to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship game in 1997 - en route to your first Super Bowl win.

We would like to remind you of three things before this game: 1. No John Elway. 2. No Terrell Davis. 3. No Kordell Stewart.

We're sure you were happy as pigs in feces over the 'mighty' Colts losing to those lucky Steelers, but you should be reminded that Pittsburgh has won two consecutive playoff road games, and Invesco Field doesn't intimidate us one iota. Even Elway himself has said fans there are too busy eating cheese and drinking wine to make any noise that would trouble a visiting team.

Also, we are taking this moment to acknowledge a recent trend, where our opponents have to buy ad space in local newspapers and radio stations begg"

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