Monday, January 02, 2006

So all those people that knew me when I lived in PA.... remember how people always used to tell me how quiet I was and stuff.... well, I've realized tonight that there are alot of times now that I NEVER SHUT UP :) And I think it's Nate, Kim, and Becca's fault :) ... and thats not a bad thing.... although they probably get sick of hearing me ramble....

In all honesty tho... I am in the BEST mood in the world right now.... and its been quite a few weeks since I've felt this good. I've realized something very important tonight: I am very blessed to have 3 people in my life that are completely amazing people. The last few weeks have been down weeks for me... havent felt like myself.... lots of things on my mind, the holidays, Tiff, etc, etc, etc.... but I didnt realize something else that was consistant through those weeks: Kim, Becca, Nate, and myself hadn't had a chance to all get together and hang out. Tonight was the first night in a while that the 4 of us got together and hung out..... and I notice that I am in such a better mood now after being able to have spent time with them. This all didnt hit me until I was almost home.... I realized that the during entire drive back from Chantilly I had a huge smile on my face and I was singing and praising God and I was just in such a great mood... and it didnt hit me until I was almost home that just being able to spend time with such amazing friends turned my whole attitude back around. It wasn't even expected.

I am truly blessed to have met such wonderful people that love God and not only that but I can tell they genuinely love and care about me too. Its an experience that I dont know if I have ever felt.... and I hope that they know how much they have impacted my life and how much I believe that God has blessed me with them. Hopefully they dont get sick of hearing me ramble and avoid me :)

Aside from them, I realize how blessed I am otherwise too. The people I have met here in VA are a huge blessing. Keith has been a blessing in my life since before I moved to VA.... Rodney really helped me get some things in order with cars and such (and still helps me alot), I've got an amazing church family at New Life.... I fit in in alot of different ways in alot of different places. It's truly an amazing experience for me here in VA.

Before I go, here is a pic from tonight of Kim and Becca.... I thought it was a really cute pic and turned out well.

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Bob K Mertz said...

Umm.. how long have you lived in NoVA? What is open beyond 10pm other than IHOP? :P

And as for the song, dont rip on the steelers fight song..... and if you think it's gay than maybe I think you are..... erm.... nevermind :)