Thursday, October 27, 2005

Slashdot | 20 Years of NES

First of all, Happy 20th, NES! Personally, I still want to know why I am the only person the remembers R.O.B.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this thread from the comments on that page:

  • I went from Atari 2600 straight to GameCube. Both are (were) great! I'm looking forward to my first experience with Zelda!
  • by readin (838620) on Wednesday October 26, @05:29PM (#13884337)
    • How did that happen? Did you try to complete ET and loose 20 years through a nervous breakdown
    • by FidelCatsro (861135) * on Wednesday October 26, @05:40PM (#13884425)

And for those of you who dont understand this at all, go play your Sega or whatever it is your playing now-a-days.... but If anyone does remember the E.T. Atari Game, there was a bug in the released software and it ended up that there was no way to complete the game.... nor did there end up being a point to it.

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