Thursday, October 27, 2005


Its now coming up on 3 weeks of not hearing from tiff... I'm guessing I'm supposed to take a hint? I just dont understand it tho.... its like she starts indicating that she wants to get closer to me again and things start working better and then all of a sudden she's just gone... thats it, just plain gone. Not even a "I need to stay away from you" or "its not gonna work" ... its just a disappear and your outta my life thing.... I still have the feeling that God's not done here but I'm so tired of being the only one fighting for what I feel God wants. Honesty is such an important thing to me..... its so hard when someone lies to me.... and its just as hard when someone doesnt want to tell me anything or share something with me that I really need to know.... I feel like this all the time and I hate it.

I just want to be happy... I want to have a very happy and healthy relationship... but maybe I'm not supposed to have that and thats why God lets me get burned by the people that mean the most to me?

I'm just worn out with all of this.... Lonliness is killing me :(

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