Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I am really a ball of emotions right now and I dont know how to sort them out.... so many things going on... alot of them are very exciting.

There are a few things that I really desire right now and I continue to pray that God would give me those desires. One of those is relationships. He really has been blessing me with alot of friends down here at New Life and I treasure them so much. Kim, Nathan, and Rebecca are a true blessing to me. They have fulfilled a much needed part in my life.... but there is still some parts missing.... It's hard to have the life goal of being a good husband and father when you dont even have a special someone. I pray that God provides the answer to that soon. For right now, I am working on filling another big need and that is spending time with God.

There are so many other things going on right now that are just too much to talk about here.... It truly is an exciting, but yet scary, time in my life. All I can do is give it all to God and let Him sort everything out... and in the mean time, I am going to do my best in relying on Him to take care of this anxiousness and strange emotions I am having.

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