Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The da vinci code has got to be one of the worst things created under the influence of satan.

I don't think I have ever made a statement that strong.... But if anyone follows God and His Word, I can not see how they could recommend that anyone read that book - nor any other by that author.

Why do I say this? Its extremely blasphemous. I know the argument most would give me is "its fictional" or "its only fantasty". To that I say: WRONG! Fantasy that has contreversay would be something like Harry Potter. The background behind the author of Harry Potter is of occultic influence but I still may buy the "fantasy" idea. The problem with the Da Vinci code is that it attempts to directly shatter the foundations of Jesus' life. It doesn't outright go against God's Word like fantasy stories but it mixes in true facts to make it easier to swallow the lies. Could you get anyone to swallow cyanide straight? Nope.... But you might sneak it in by adding it to someone's coffee.... That is exactly what the da vinci code is doing... Its a mix that is deadly.... And I don't think anyone should support it.

Now I will say I have never read the book but I have just watched a history channel special about it and I felt a drain in my spirit while watching it....

I'm a very accepting person and I don't condem people so if you read and support this book, you will have no condemnation from me.... But I do have to express that I think the da vinci code may be one of the subtle attacks on Christianity that satan loves to use.

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