Sunday, October 03, 2004

Well the night got even more eventful than at Pizza I was gluing something with super glue my mom was telling me that we had to go up to my uncles quickly because my cousin was really nto doing well... stressed out and stuff (she scared of stuff regarding her mom / my aunt)..... as soon as those words are out of her mouth the tube pops and my hands are covered in super glue. I let the glue dry a bit and then drove up to my uncles... we stayed there.... NO ONE had freaking nail polish remover.... got home.... ran to wal mart and bout some then spent 1/2 hour trying to get it off since it had already set. My fingers still feel a little weird as there is still some glue on it... but its ok.... my cousin is doing a bit better but please keep her in your prayers..... she needs some serious help.

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