Friday, October 15, 2004

Just taking a min to update some stuff in my life. First... I got to play with Eli 2 nights in a row.... of course he cried when I left both times... it hurt and yet made me feel good at the same time. I love that little boy to death! Had my appt with my lawyer... things are looking good there so thats a big relief.... parents bought me my season pass to Hidden Valley as an early Christmas present.... that means I can ski all the hell I want!!!!! My therapist said that a season pass would be the best thing for me... and he's right. It'll get me out to clear my head and get physical exercise at the same time..... now if it would just freaking snow! :) The other fun things is I met a couple cool girls on hot or not.... (why do I think that site is so fun?).... one lives pretty close and she is especially cool :) ... maybe I'll make a new friend.... I sure could use that.

Well I'm about to start my long EICOMM day. Hopefully all of us have good days!

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