Monday, October 25, 2004

This was a rotten day.... more not having anything to do... then having to go to work when I didnt feel like it... depressed all day.... get home and find that my last goldfish died.... Im tired of not having any friends to do anything with.... and I stress what I said there.... I DID NOT say that I have no friends.. so dont tell me that I do... I know I do... I just want friends that I can do something with on my day(s) off.... but they arent there. People left and right are telling me that I need to quit pizza hut.... those are the same people that arent there when I have a day off and go crazy because NO ONE is there. There are many times that I would like to quit pizza hut.... but why? When I have nothing to do anyway, why should I?

Argh... I'm really frustrated... at least tomorrow should be a better day.... I should be getting another aquarium for my baby fish.... I cant wait to fall asleep... I really cant.....

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