Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Well I am feeling a little bit better right now. I had some time to cool down and realize that its not that bad..... everything just kinda hit me hard right there.....

I really need to put this out in the open.... I am hurting at times right now... things are rough on me... I am coping and I really am doing just fine. But please, when I am down, do not think or assume that it is because of one reason or another. It makes it very tough on me when one person assumes that its one thing and starts giving me advice based on that assumption. I am better, everyone. The hospital helped and the outpaitient program helped... as well as my new meds. I am doing ok... I'm doing fine... but I hurt just like every single one of you do sometimes... and we all get through it.... but just because 2 months ago I couldnt handle it does not mean that I cant handle it now.... I need to be trusted with my own life again.

Thanks for listening, everyone. I needed to get that out.... and I wasnt pointing fingers at anyone... SO much was done for me that I appriciate greatly.... everything meant alot to me... I just need the time now to start getting my life back on track... and flat out... I have to find my first love again... and before anyone attacks that, I am reffering to my God. If you want to help, pray that I get back to Him. *hugz* to everyone... and thanks again!

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