Friday, January 02, 2004

Well in about an hour I start back to work. I work 5-close tonight. Hopefully everything goes well. Its kinda crazy in town today so thats a sign that we might be busy.
I've lost so much in the last few weeks. I lost it all when Tiff left me. It's not gonna be the same not being able to check my email after dinner for a boost from an email from Tiff.... its not gonna be the same knowing that when I come home I wont have an email either. I've lost the love of my life.... I've lost the only person who made me feel good.... the one who kept reminding me that I really was someone special.... now I dont feel like much of anything. Now, I know that there are other people.... and of course the saying "there are other fish in the sea" .... but thats not my point. My point is I lost alot. I love Tiffany alot... and quite frankly, (directed to SOME of my friends) you're going to have to get used to the fact that I do love her..... whether she comes back to me or not. I lost alot.... and this is painful.... but God will work it out. It's really hard for me to accept that this all might be over. I dont want to lose her.... I love her too much. I'm not going to back down though..... I'm going to hold my gound because ... well, Tiff's the one that has to make things right..... I just really hope that she does. Boy it would be nice to get an email from her tonight. Out of habit I'll probably still check my palm after dinner.... To those who ask me why bother... I answer because she is worth it.

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