Sunday, January 11, 2004

802.11B is now doing exactly what it wasnt meant to do. I'm really proud of myself.... so much as tho I think I may take some pictures of this network.... :) I do still have to have my fingers crossed.... there were some link quality issues through this whole project that I'm hoping will dissappear.... right now I am pinging the repeater in my grandma's house with a 6ms ping time..... it has not dropped a packet yet. However, through the project, at sometimes the quality was really good.... and others it wasnt..... we just gotta play for a while I guess. Now, after I test this network for a week or two, if everything goes well, I will start building the network up to my uncle's house. I think that will be a bit easier since it is only one house in line of sight.... the only thing is is that the WAP11 in my house faces towards my aunt's house..... so it might be a little harder to get the signal up to my uncle.... Im determined though so I'm sure I'll find a way :) And now, to celebrate, I am going to McDonald's :)

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