Saturday, January 10, 2004

So today was fun..... no, really... it was :)
First of all, I felt the wrath of Billy Gates a couple times today. Obviously while working at Computer Connections I would run into something.... then tonight at Pizza Hut Tiff text messaged me and for some reason Hotmail got stuck on that message and it sent that message to me every min for about an hour straight.... it was bad... and it really ticked me off.... stupid hotmail.... there are reasons why I never really used hotmail :)
So today was my first day back at Computer Connections.... it went really well... I had a little bit of learning to do since I am now working on the sales floor and before I was a technician but I picked up on everything pretty quickly since I had an idea. I guess everyone was glad that I was back.... and that makes me feel good.
Pizza Hut was even kinda fun tonight.... I was a cook tonight since that was the only way I could fit myself in on the schedule tonight so Matt was my boss for once.... which is always fun.... Vanetta was the closing waitress..... she hates to vaccum and I hate to clean the dishes.... so we traded jobs.... she says she got the raw end of the deal.... maybe she did..... but I dont think it was that raw..... either way it was a nice change of pace.....
Tommorrow is going to be another fun day. Somehow Jude suckered me into doing a computer install tommorrow moring.... so I actually have to wake up AGAIN..... then after I do that Im going to work on my 802.11B network again and hopefully finish that branch of it...... if I complete that, I'll probably start the branch up to my uncle's house next weekend.... I dont THINK that branch is going to be as hard.... maybe only one WAP11.... but then again, I thought that this branch was only going to take 2 WAP11's and I now own 4. After that I go in to work at Pizza Hut. I was supposed to work from 3 till close but since I screwed up the schedule for tommorrow (it was an honest mistake), Im going to go in at 4:30... or maybe even later... to save some labor.
As a result of all of this I am beat and need to SLEEP! Goodnight all!

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