Saturday, January 17, 2004

I'm really starting to get frustrated!
I was all excited to go skiing tonight but that somewhat fell through. Not completely but it kinda did. If I go, I'm gonna go by myself. I guess I could save the money though.... but anyway, thats frustration.
Wednesday NetBank screwed me over and took money that they shouldnt have because they froze funds from a deposit I made and didnt tell me about it. I now have an account at S&T Bank again.... good bye netbank.... ok, so now I have no money....
Today, reinstalling windows on my aunt's computer and also setting up my sister's laptop. I also am going to need a new WAP11 to extend my network to my uncle's house.... Best Buy had a special with a WAP and a lap top card that was DIRT cheap. I just made a payment to my best buy card since I went a little late (as a result of being in the hospital)... I called today and the automated system told me they received my payment and then said my available credit was 0.... talked to a rep and apparently since I went past due they took my credit away from me.
Im just so tired of this..... it really seems like nothing is going right..... the problem, tho, isnt so much that everything is going wrong.... its just that nothing really happy has been happening in my life to balance that out. It's just one let down after another. I'm doing ok but it's really getting frustrating.

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