Wednesday, January 14, 2004

"They live forever in our hearts, those who gave our lives beauty and meaning"

I didnt know Jack for very long but the time I did know him meant so incredibly much to me. I am, as others are, a better person because I knew Jack. In the short time that I did know him he became such an important person in my life, even though I only saw him about once a week. He always had a smile on his face. He was never down. Even while he was battling cancer he always smiled. You could tell that he was a person who loved people. Not only did he love is wife, family, and friends -- he loved God even more. You could see God inside of Him. He never backed down. He was always the same person.... and never ashamed. He could cheer you up in a few short sentences. He always looked good. He made an impact on so many lives. Jack was a winner! He accepted everyone. He would always talk to you, always greet you! Everyone who knew him loved him. I also knew him as a great bowler.

Jack's memory will be with each and everyone of him. We will miss him very much and we will wait for the day that we join him in heaven with our Lord, Jesus Christ. My thoughts are with Pat (his wife), his sons, and the rest of his family.

Jack Lauritz Williams 1946-2004

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