Sunday, January 11, 2004

Thank God this day is over!
The bright side of things was that I got the network running in my grandmother's house.... and it still has a solid connection to my computer. Still crossing my fingers.... We'll see what happens.
So after I ate, I got ready and went to work. As I was driving there I was extremely depressed.... not exactly sure why.... I was thinking about how I havent really seen Tiff in forever.... and that bugged me... *shrug* I just know I was down. When I got to work, it wasnt quite as bad but then I just started getting chewed out by customers and stuff.... it was bad.... the main reason was the Sicilian pizza.... we havent sold it for about 2 weeks now.... no problems until today... all of a sudden customers just started bombing us with calls for that pizza and then getting pissed when we told them we didnt have it anymore.... Greengate said the same thing was happening to them.... we're thinking that somewhere someone advertised that pizza today.... it's not confirmed but it's the only explanation we have. The first call was someone who was yelling at me for not having the sicillian anymore.... they ended the call with "we're so dissapointed we're going to have to call somewhere else" and then hung up on me.... this was after I heard the person in the background saying they didnt want anything... in a bad tone of voice, of course. They gave me their phone number before.... so I knew who they were.... about 2 mins later patty took an order... it was the same people... Vanetta and I were talking about how retarded that was and how stupid we would feel if we did that.... it was just retarded.... then we're like "those are the people you want to say something smart to when they come in but cant" and Vanetta was going along with it the whole time. Next thing I know someone comes in and Vannetta's like "oh hey, how are you doing" ... obviously knew this person.... turns out it was that very same customer..... I just started cracking up.... I had to go in the back..... then the customer leaves and Vanetta just starts cracking up.... apparently this was her daughter's teacher.... that was classic. They day went on tho.... someone complained that their dough was raw..... they sent it back.... I ran it through the over and literally the top was burnt.... and they still said it was raw.... whatever.... I made a new one and they said it was free.... gave them a free meal.... then someone left their pizza there for 75 mins.... I decided to call them .... "oh, we meant to call Mt. Pleasant" ..... ok.... so for those of you who are not from around here.... Mt. Pleasant is about a 45 min drive from my store.... in a completely different phone exchange.... whatever.... there was another canceled order that we made no money off of..... alll of the millions who called in about the sicillian didnt get anything though.... what a night..... and our sales..... we were like WAY under on sales.... it was such a freaking slow night..... you'd think that we would have been loving it but just all the customers made it hell..... at least we got out of there early..... Jeff was done about 5 after 10.... I was done about the same time (with all my management stuff) and then Diana got done around quarter after..... that was the nice thing.
Ok so now I must go to bed.... I start work at CCI at 9am.

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