Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It just occured to me in the last few mins sitting here.... my friends destroyed me. I was always such an open person and was able to share everything with anyone.... it was my release.... I told my friends about my problems and it helped me out so much. Today I had some SERIOUS problems and I didnt tell anyone.... I take that back.... I told Matt very basically what was going on..... and I did tell alot to Kendra.... and I think I felt that Kendra was my safest bet but still wasnt sure if I wanted to do that. I have lost a release because Im just affraid to tell my friends anything. I dont like this at all. It's not me..... I came in contact with quite a few people who I normally tell everything too.... I couldnt do it today... my response was always "dont worry about it" .... I dont even feel like writting any of it down in here.... which was always another release.... because im affraid of my friends. This sucks.

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