Sunday, January 18, 2004

I got a girl's phone number tonight -- and she's cute too :)

Today wasnt too bad. I worked all day at Pizza Hut. We had a meeting for our new pizza which launched today. After that I just stayed and wrote the schedule. One of our cooks didnt show up so instead of taking that couple hour break I just stayed on the clock.... which I was really glad happened. I needed to pick up some hours that I lost on Tuesday and it saved me from sitting around or driving home. The day went pretty smooth. This new pizza is a pain in the ass though. I personally dont think it's a bad pizza but I dont think it's a really good value. We sold 3 of them today and 2 of them hated it..... not a good sign. Oh, and going to work today I did a 180.... I would have spun more but the field stopped me.... that was fun :)

Not too much else going on.... guess I'll leave you alone now.

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